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By James Makin

Sciatica pain ? are you sure ?

I hear it on a weekly basis ! “I’ve got sciatica ” to which my response is always the same ! can you show me where the pain goes ?.

Usually this is followed by a slight look of confusion and a general wave of the hand indicating leg pain. This is not through any fault of the client but quite often Dr. Google will give the worst case scenario to any pain. If you have pain going below the knee you need to get it professionally assesed. 

So here are the facts! True Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve which sends a radiating pain down through the buttock into the back of the knee all the way to the ankle. This is usually caused by a herniated disc which is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. The severity of pain will depend on the degree of the bulge and how much it is pushing on the nerve. Symptoms can vary from mild irritation to numbness and tingling to a sharp shooting pain or even a loss if power in the legs

There are other causes such as piriformis syndrome or even a pelvic imbalance, which can produce similar symptoms, but an accurate diagnosis is needed. Go to your local therapist and get them to check . this will be assessed by a number of tests including a straight leg raise test.

Treatments that follow will depend on the diagnosis and can range anywhere from an MRI to injections or even physical therapy and massage at the clinic in Douglas.


Back pain

Everyone at some point suffers from back pain whether its an 18 year old athlete training 6 days a week or an 80 year old grandfather walking the dog. The key to diagnosing back pain is identifying the nature of the injury and the cause. Once these are established through a thorough history taking and assesment we then individually tailor a treatment for each client using a combination of modalities including deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping , electrotherapy or manipulative therapy. These combined with a progressive exercise plan are essential to help people recover from an injury and carry out their day to day lives as normal.

the importance of hydration

The importance of hydration 

Staying hydrated on a daily basis is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind. An average person should be consuming two liters of fluid per day and if you exercise you should be consuming even more .At the physical therapy clinic in douglas its a piece of advice I give to all clients to help aid recovery. Below is a list of the top 5 reasons to stay hydrated 

1. Staying hydrated regulates your body temperature particularly if you have been exercising or sweating you will need to replenish the fluid lost.This helps maintain health and allows you to absorb maximum nutrients during the day  

2. It protects your tissues, muscles and spinal cord from injury by helping lubricate and cushion your joints and can help ease arthritis.

3. Helps keep your body able to dispose of waste efficiently and aids in kidney function 

4. can help improve physical performance when training or at the gym. Physical activity can cause us to loose between 6 and 10% of our body weight from dehydration alone 

5. it can help energy levels also by boosting your metabolic rate after drinking water this giving you a boost in energy

How to prevent back pain when standing

How to prevent back pain when standing.

Hairdressers, stylists, therapists, chefs and alike all seem to face the same problems. For some it might be shoulder pain going into the head or to the hand, back pain or even leg pain – not to mention varicose veins.

You need to ask yourself:

Are you standing on a hard floor for extended periods of time?

  • Do you find yourself bending over in an uncomfortable position to do your job?
  • Do you tend to stand on one leg more than the other?
  • Do you wear correct shoes? Or orthotics?
  • Are you making time each day to regularly move and stretch in between clients?

Around 70% of hairdressers, stylists and therapists report having pain, most of this on a daily basis with back, neck and leg pain unnecessarily!

Prevention is the key to reducing and eliminating the muscular and structural issues associated with a predominantly standing occupation.  

Below is a list of recommendations I make to clients:

  • Maintain good posture…. always! Speak to a therapist to evaluate your posture and help fix any imbalances and give you corrective exercises. Poor posture is a key factor in back pain when standing.
  • Therapeutic deep tissue work and dry needling can reduce stress.
  • If it’s a neck or wrist issue and you’re having trouble moving it fully then you may need a manipulation of the joint to free up the movement.
  • Help prevent tendonitis of the wrist, thumb or forearm by using good technique and form and ensuring your equipment is in good condition thus minimizing awkward positions.
  • Ensure you have good footwear. Talk to your therapist for recommendations.

If you are suffering with back pain and leg pain, arm and hand pain or neck pain, I may be able to help you. Many of my patients have eliminated pain with a customized treatment program.

Call james now on 0872699053 to help you reduce or eliminate pain

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