About us

At the East village medical centre in Douglas, Cork my aim is to return you to optimal pain-free movement in the shortest time possible by accurately diagnosing your complaint. I will provide you with an individually tailored plan to help you move towards your solution, and prevent re-occurrence. I’m a qualified Physical Therapist and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, qualified in Dry Needling and Sports Taping and Strapping. I’m also qualified in chinese cupping and Manipulative Therapy

 I’ve a backgound in triathlon, GAA and am an avid cyclist and swimmer. I’ve worked with GAA and soccer teams throughout the season and with individual athletes keeping them training all year round and also had a lot of experience personally with injuries and muscular imbalance and will do my very best to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.

Contact me if you are suffering from any pain, sports injury or any type of muscular-skeletal injury or imbalance.

mission statement

At the clinic my aim is to exceed expectation during every visit , to give you a clear understanding of the injury you have and to give you a definite plan on how we are going to resolve your issue