working from home

1. Get an ergonomic assessment of your working setup.Your chair, desk and screen height should be set up to minimise strain on you during the day. Working from a makeshift workspace can lead to bigger problems down the road if not dealt with. here is a link to the HSE health and safety legislation https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/safetywellbeing/healthsafetyand%20wellbeing/healthandsafetylegislation.html

2. Get up for a few minutes and move around every hour. Whether its getting a cup of coffee or water or just getting up for a quick stretch it’s so beneficial to the body to not be sitting stationary for hours and hours on end. People working from home now are not getting up to walk to the coffee machine or go to meetings anymore as they are all on zoom so time being stationary is increasing as is the incidence of shoulder and neck pain.

3. Maintain a structure as far as working hours go. Maintain starting times and finishing times and take regular lunches. I have so many people visiting the clinic now saying that they are starting earlier and working later now they are at home because the laptop or computer is just there so they jump on to answer a few emails in the evening etc and most are presenting with shoulder and neck pain and tightness because of the extra hours.

4. Exercise on your lunch or in the evenings. Getting out for fresh air and getting away from the workspace is so important.You ned to make this a ritual if possible to maintain a healthy body and equally a healthy mind.

5. Look after yourself. If your feeling tight or sore go get it treated and don’t let it build up. A professional will be able to point out how you might be getting this pain and offer some solutions going forward. You can click here to find a list find a list of treatments we provide at the clinic 

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